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Your Deposit

We take a damage deposit per tenant at the time of signing for your property. Your deposit is protected by an independent third party, the ‘Tenancy Deposit Scheme’ throughout your tenancy. At the end of your tenancy, if the property is left clean and undamaged (fair wear and tear excepted), and there are no arrears in your rent or bill payments, you will receive your deposit back in full.

If any deductions to your deposit for damages, cleaning or arrears are proposed, you can query them and the Tenancy Deposit Scheme will arbitrate between you and the landlord to ensure a fair outcome. Because we support tenants in ensuring that they do everything necessary to receive their deposit back, less than 1% of our tenants have ever raised a dispute with the TDS.

How it Works

  • We cannot begin to process a deposit until the end date of a tenancy agreement.
  • You let us know your intended move out date.
  • Tomlinson Estates send an inventory assessor to the house.
  • We collate the information and carry out appropriate and necessary works/cleaning.
  • If there is a possibility of a deduction being made to your deposit, you will be informed of this within 10 working days of the contract end date.
  • Your cheque is posted to either a forwarding address provided by yourselves or your N.O.K address.
  • With your cheque there will be a breakdown of your account with Tomlinson’s over the year.


Summary checklist of things we need from you so that we can start processing your deposit:

  • The completed form containing your meter readings, utilities suppliers' names, and your customer reference numbers (please click to download the form).
  • All sets of keys for your property.
  • Copies of your statements from your energy suppliers showing that you have no outstanding payments on your accounts (request this from them when you give them your final meter readings).
  • An updated address for us to return your deposit, if it has changed since you supplied us with your next of kin’s address.


How to leave your property

Please find information and guidance in the download below. This gives useful advice on how you should leave your property at the end of your tenancy.

Guide to Moving Out.

Deposit Feedback

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